‘Nashville’ Actors to Sing Live in Premiere of Season 3

August 21, 2014 originally posted by this author/self on Examiner.

With the fall season coming on, we will be watching closely as some of our favorite television shows begin to air in Nashville, and we will also be watching to see what our favorite characters on the ‘Nashville’ TV show are doing as the new season begins.

‘Nashville’ TV Show slideshow – Actor/musicians Charles Esten, Will Chase and Chris Carmack of the cast of ‘Nashville’ perform at Best Buy Theater on May 6, 2014 in New York City.

When most of the television shows with songs are being filmed or taped, you know the singers have, most of the time, already recorded the songs prior to the taping, unless, it is a live reality music show. Now we hear that some of the singers on the ‘Nashville’ TV show will be singing ”live’ at the season three premiere on September 24. The actor who plays the part of Will Lexington (Chris Carmack) will sing live at the beginning of the show and Charles (Chip) Esten, who plays the part of ‘Deacon’ will close out the premiere show with his own rendition of a ‘live’ song.

With both of these guys daring to sing ‘live’, a lot will be at stake, both for the Nashville TV show and for the actors and singers themselves. Just imagine if anything goes wrong while it is being broadcast ‘live’ on the ABC national TV network. That might be embarrassing, yes, but we think both guys are professional enough to pull it off.

In the (formerly) attached video on “‘Nashville’ Actors to Sing Live in Premiere”, you will gain insight into the process and what may be expected, but what we will say is ‘tune in or miss out’ when the Nashville TV show broadcasts it’s first show of the 2014 season on September 24.

Be sure to watch the newest season premier of ‘Nashville’ and then leave us a note in the comments below to let us know how you liked it. Maybe if it goes off well, we can expect to see more ‘live’ singing on the show, next time we hope it’s from the ladies on the show, Rayna, Juliette, Scarlet and Zoey.


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