Taylor Swift To Make Announcement Via Yahoo Live Stream

August 7 2014 originally posted by this author/self on Examiner.

When Nashville’s own young singer and entertainer, Taylor Swift recently appeared on ‘The Tonight Show’, she made an announcement that she would be appearing on a Yahoo live stream on August 18th. That is when she will be making a Taylor Swift announcement. What will this particular Taylor Swift announcement be about? We don’t know either, but we are like everyone else, and like many of her dedicated fans, we will hazard a guess that it will be about her new music, which we and many other fans have been getting anxious about, as it has been almost two years since her last album, titled ‘Red’, was released.

In the (formerly) attached video titled ‘‘The Tonight Show’: Taylor Swift To Make Announcement Via Yahoo Live Stream’ we learn more about this special event and for the Taylor Swift announcement, there is a countdown clock which shows on her Taylor Swift web site, letting us know that we now only have just so many hours until time for the Yahoo live stream to take place.

For the many Taylor Swift fans, we have also included a photo slideshow of thirteen Taylor Swift photos. All the fans of Taylor will know why we choose to display 13 photos, as that is her favorite number.

If you are not at home, please be sure you have your laptop, iPad or other means of retrieving the Yahoo live stream of the Taylor Swift announcement with you, or you will certainly feel left out when all your friends and other Taylor Swift fans are talking about what goes on with this latest Taylor Swift announcement on the Yahoo live stream event.

We think she chose well as Taylor Swift dropped by “The Tonight Show” to make her announcement because this is probably the best choice of a late night TV show. We think that ‘The Tonight Show’s’ late night host, Jimmy Fallon, is one of the best people we have seen to have Taylor Swift on his show, with the interaction between the two being somewhat magical at times.

Stay tuned and we will try to bring you up-to-date on the big Taylor Swift announcement which she revealed the news about on the Tonight Show recently.


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