Nashville TV show: Connie Britton Talks ‘Nashville’ and More

August 21, 2014 originally posted by this author/self on Examiner.

We, and many others in the Nashville area, just love to watch as actress Connie Britton plays her part of the character ‘Rayna James’ on the ABC TV show, ‘Nashville’ and think the actress plays the part so well. Connie Britton does a great job of portraying the character of a famous singer who lives and breathes music and shows how human she actually is, and we just cannot imagine anyone other than Connie Britton who could play this part so well.

In the (formerly) attached video titled ‘Connie Britton Talks ‘Nashville’ and More’, we see a down-to-earth Connie Britton who shares with her audience her own philosophy and her take on the part she plays in the popular television show.

As Rayna James in the ‘Nashville’ TV show, she had an ex-boyfriend (Deacon Claybourne) and then a husband (Mayor), along with two beautiful little girls. Then there was her father who was rich and who tried to rule her world, and was even instrumental in helping her husband attain the elected job of Mayor. Rayna’s big sister also plays a part in her world of sometimes being there and on hand for important events, and other times, it seemed, she was nowhere to be found, or at least we think she was just ‘laying low’ to stay out of Rayna’s reach when Rayna was upset with her. (Like over big sis lying to Rayna over helping to put Daddy in jail, and not telling Rayna that their mother’s fatal auto accident was more or less orchestrated by their Daddy.)

Then we see things change as Rayna’s husband becomes involved with an ‘old flame’ (played by Kimberly Williams-Paisley); then he and Rayna divorce so he can marry the pregnant ‘old flame turned new girlfriend’. But wait a minute. She’s not really pregnant, but he doesn’t know it and she fakes a miscarriage. Well, then, she ended up out of the show as her character was ‘killed off’. We hated to see her go, as we did like the actress who played her, but not her character so well.

This was to give you some of the background of the show, tune in September 24, Wednesday night at 9 p.m. to see what happens with Rayna as she chooses from Luke Wheeler, the ‘new’ boyfriend and ‘Deacon’ who is the ‘old boyfriend’.


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