Fans were upset about Nashville TV Show finale but there is more to come

June 18, 2016 (originally posted on by this author/self)

Of all the “Nashville” TV shows shown lately, the finale show on May 25th was the most interesting, we would say. Devastation hit all the many Nashville fans when it was announced at the end of the show that ‘Juliette’s’ plane was reported missing ‘about 90 miles west of Nashville’ – and then came the end of the show!

This ‘cliffhanger’ ending was totally unexpected by the fans who have followed the young singer, played by actress, Hayden Panettiere, since season one of the show in 2012. This ending was after ‘Juliette’ and husband ‘Avery’ seemed to have ‘made up’ their long dispute which had ended in a divorce.Most of the fans thought the two were finally headed for a happy ending, after all the stress and strife they had been though.

When the ABC Network announced it would not renew the show for another season, many “Nashville” fans rallied around and along with some of the cast and crew, began bombarding all of the media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with messages (using a ‘hashtag’ symbolized with a ‘#’ sign) of #SaveNashville and #RenewNashvilleS5. These messages were sent to local network CMT, and to HULU Network, along with Netflix, AXS -TV and anyone else who would listen and hear the pleas to save the “Nashville” TV show.

The media campaign paid off for the many “Nashville” fans when CMT Network made an announcement they have picked up the show for it’s fifth season, plus it will be ‘streamed online’ the day after it originally airs with HULU Network holding the contract for that.

Word on the street says that filming will likely start back up in July (which is when it normally started) and we are hopeful the newest season of the “Nashville” TV show will start airing again in September. The fans can hardly contain their excitement for the new season and want a good resolution of ‘What happened to Juliette?”

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