“Nobody Would Have Believed Us (It’s not easy…”

“Nobody Would Have Believed Us (It’s not easy…”
Posted on Facebook, April 11, 2020.
‎Saturday, ‎11 ‎April, ‎2020
07:42:21 AM
recorded April 11, 2020

nobody would have believed us
if what we’d had to say
was that our lives would
be changed in so drastic a way

oh but it’s not easy
to let go of familiar ways
no it’s not easy
the way things are today

but we do our best to cope
and to not lose hope
to be ourselves
to the end
to still have the best of friends

though we cannot always see you
you know that we’re stil here
and we hope that someday
our pathway will be cleared

(By Nancy P. Goodman, All rights reserved. 2020.

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