Five reasons to support your local sports teams

By: Nancy P. Goodman

We in Nashville are lucky that we have several professional sports teams available here. We can attend the games and cheer our champions on in person at times, and not just always ‘watch them from afar’ on our television sets. There are also the many college and high school, plus grammar school sports, where we can show our support, by showing up in person at the games.

We often write about some of the various Nashville sports teams, and at times, perhaps, some of the local college and high school athletics. Recently we decided to list some good reasons for you to support your own local sporting events.

Here are our five reasons to support your local sports teams:

1. The economy – By helping to support our local teams, we can also help our city, county and state in an economic way; the more fans who attend the games and purchase merchandise and crafts, the more money will thus pour into the coffers of those local entities which should benefit the entire community.

2. The enjoyment – There is nothing quite like the excitement of attending a Nashville Sounds baseball game in your own hometown, or the Tennessee Titans football games in Nashville, or the Nashville Predators ice hockey games at Bridgestone Arena. Your local college and high school sports scenes will also greatly benefit from the crowds their games attract, both in possible revenue and acknowledgment of the athletic endeavors to support the youth of the community.

3. Being in a family environment – Some of the best places to take a family for an occasion of togetherness, and even some ‘competitive get-together events’ is a hometown baseball game, or local football game. And if you haven’t yet been to an ice hockey game with your family – try it, and you will see what we mean.

4. Being with like-minded people – There is nothing quite like being with folks you agree with, and although you always have to allow for the opposing view, it is still fun to be part of a like-minded crowd, shouting out encouragement during the games.

5. Supporting the players – This is true in both professional and non-professional players. What fun is it to a group of aesthetes to just play by themselves, for themselves, with no crowd enjoyment cheering them on? In some activities, that might be fine, but in sports, we like the noise and the excitement of the crowd as they get into the game with the players.

(Tis article was previously published by Nancy P. Goodman on a website which no longer exists.)

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