The day we got to see Sir Elton John perform on Nashville TV show

By Nancy P. Goodman
(posted February 20, 2020)

We’d been going and acting on the ‘Nashville’ TV show for several years as background actors. One day, on what we thought was just another routine run-of-the-mill day of filming, we were told that security was much tighter than normal, Then, in fact, we were ‘wanded’ on our way from ‘holding’ back to the ‘set’where filming of that day’s episode of the show was taking place.

We got to the ‘stage’area and we were told to stand and be quiet until the stage was set for the show’s performer for that day.

Much to our surprise, today’s show performer was Sir. Elton John! We were astounded, and delighted to hear him begin singing ‘Yellow Brick Road’. As the show progressed, Elton John sang more of his tunes, and to our amazement, each and every time the director yelled ‘cut!’ to stop the filming, Sir Elton John simply proceeded to entertain us, his audience of background actors with more and more tunes, playing that piano as though he were at a multi-million dollar concert, until the filming started up again and we were hearing terms such as ‘Last Looks’ and ‘Sound’ and ‘Action!’. Needless to say, Sir Elton John ‘held us in the palm of his hands’ with his magnificent singing and piano playing and excellent showmanship.

It was a wondrous thing and cinched our regard for this gentlemanly performer.
When that episode of ‘Nashville’ aired on TV, there is no doubt he gathered many more fans than just our little neighborhood of background extras, but he made a tremendous impression on all of us while playing his part on the ‘Nashville’ TV show that day.

‘It’s Sure Gonna Hurt’
Nashville: Season 4, Episode 20
Description:Rayna and Deacon face the facts of their relationship; Scarlett makes an unexpected discovery about herself; Gunnar performs with Elton John; Luke makes an appearance on “The View”; Layla launches her new album.
Show: Nashville
Air date: May 18, 2016



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