‘Hee-Haw’ is back on television. Catch re-runs on ‘Circle’ Network in your area.

A whole new generation of viewers now has a chance to become familar with their parents’ generation of many classic country music stars. Those stars include such as Buck Owens, Roy Clark, String Bean, Grandpa Jones, and Archie Campbell. With the advent of the ‘Circle’ television channel in Nashville, we are now happy to have re-runs of the once-famous ‘Hee-Haw’ show again.
Back in the day, when the new television show titled ‘Hee Haw’ was filmed in Nashville, the viewing public was treated to a regular dose of country music and it’s stars, right up close and personal. It took away the mystery of what all these folks were like (that we most times only ever heard about with their songs on the radio).

Hee Haw (TV Series 1969–1997) – IMDb
“Hee Haw” a mixture of music and comedy skits was a staple of syndicated television for more than 20 years; originally, the show had aired on CBS, but was canceled in 1971 because the network thought it was “too rural.”

Generally speaking, the country came to the city with the Hee-Haw television show. From the cornfields to the concrete. From the hay wagon to the limo. We had the girls in the cornfield and the guys in the haystacks. It suited many of the ‘city-slickers’, right down to a ‘T’.

During this same timespan, there was also the Opryland, USA ThemePark, with the Grand Ole Opry house itself, situated on one corner of the property. Our all-American country music legend, Mr. Roy Acuff, was even given a home to live in, by the Opry house. Many of the Opry members frequented the Opryland Park and many of the young singers and entertainers at the park, grew up to become country music stars, in their own right, in this town.

Opryland USA – Wikipedia
Opryland USA (later called Opryland Themepark and colloquially referred to simply as Opryland) was an amusement park in suburban Nashville, Tennessee.It operated seasonally (generally March to October) from 1972 to 1997, and for a special Christmas-themed engagement every December from 1993 to 1997.

Now the ‘Circle’ network promises to bring back broadcasts of the Grand Ole Opry shows. We, along with so many other country music fans, are looking forward to this happening. Stay tuned….

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