Alyssa Jacey of Nashville answers 4 questions

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Today’s Nashville music interview is with Ms. Alyssa Jacey, one of Nashville’s busiest singer/songwriters. We have interviewed her before and enjoyed the opportunity to pose some new questions to her today.

1. Hi, Alyssa, what are you doing now that you LOVE?

Alyssa: Playing a TON. It’s forcing me to get better at guitar, and perfect my live performances.

2. What is your newest music out?

Alyssa: I haven’t released it (like to iTunes or other download sites) yet, but you can hear ‘Anything You Want’ on right now:)

3. What do you want to do that hasn’t happened yet?

Alyssa: My end goal is to get my music on TV and film. I have been told for over a decade now by the majority of my fans and friends that my music would be “perfect” for TV/film, and I agree. The reason I agree is because I write so eclectically. I don’t write in any one genre. All 8 of my albums (EP’s, LP’s and full-length’s) are different genres. So I have a very wide range of styles, topics, feels, etc. that could fit in several different commercials and movies.

4. What is in the future?


Alyssa: Apparently, more touring. I have been touring non-stop now for four years and it’s growing. Last year, I toured more in Europe than I did in the states! This year, I purposely took a break from Europe to reconnect with my fans here in the U.S.

Alyssa Jacey, thank you for your time, and we hope to hear more from you in the near future!


Alyssa: Thank you, Nancy!!!!!!!!

Alyssa Jacey on| Pop from Nashville, TN
Pop | Nashville, TN

Alyssa Jacey

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