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Since shuttered it’s doors last week (July 16, 2016) wiping out the majority of articles I have written about Nashville Music, Live Music, Music Venues in Nashville, Live Entertainment in Nashville, Nashville Celebrities – most of those articles are now ‘gone with the wind’….I did manage to save some of these articles, others I may be able to recover from the wayback machine, also known as ‘the internet archives’…

But for now, I am using my blog (where I am paying for the webspace to avoid ads I don’t want)…so here is where we will ‘carry on’ with our endeavors to help some of the unknown, unsung artists who arrive in Nashville – Music City USA – from all over the world. These folks arrive in Nashville, Tennessee USA with a hope of ‘making it big’, and we are using the means of sharing on Facebook and on Twitter to help some of our friends to try to fulfill their dreams.

Some of these artists are actually ‘living their dream’ and are making a living at writing and singing and performing in Nashville – Music City USA – and beyond. On the concert stages of the world, spotlighted right here in Nashville.

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