‘Nashville’ TV show – Season 4 ends it all

May 23, 2016
Many Nashville-area fans have been most vocal and outspoken about their desire to see the ‘Nashville’ TV show carried on into a season 5 on ABC’s television network. Sharing many a ‘Tweet’ and ‘Facebook’ post to let others know of the need to ask the ‘powers-that-be’ for support in keeping this country melodrama on the television screen,several fans are posting daily on social media to ask the network to please renew the Nashville TV show for season 5.

Many of the fervent and devout Nashville TV Show fans found this news headline ‘Nashville is cancelled after season 4’, to be heart-breaking. Even last week’s next-to-the-last episode, which featured megastar Sir. Elton John in concert, could not change the outcome, it seems.

Now, there is a movement to branch out and ask other networks, including CMT in Nashville, and Hulu, plus AXS TV to consider taking over the ‘Nashville’ TV show. With the fans being very active on social media, expressing their wishes to the heads of the television studios, we are all hoping we are able to print a success story in the near future. Stay tuned to this spot for more news and the outcome of the push to succeed by these ‘Nashville’ TV show fans.

(originally published on Examiner.com by Nancy P. Goodman/self)

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