Christina Aguilera’s Going Country! The Voice Coach Joins Nashville

March 15, 2015 originally posted on by this author/self.

Add singing star and ‘The Voice’ coach Christina Aguilera to the growing list of artists who have or will appear on the Nashville TV Show, which is in it’s third season of filming in Nashville. We love the variety of singers and songwriters which have appeared on our own local TV show, and now, after seeing Christina on The Voice each week, we feel like we know her and can say, ‘Welcome to our town!’

Does this mean Christina will actually bring out a country record in competition with not only, Reba, but with Dolly and Martina McBride? And don’t forget about Loretta and Crystal, those female icons of the country music world in Nashville. Not to mention Carrie and all the other Idol contestants who have ‘gone country’ too.

We have an attached video titled ‘Christina Aguilera’s going country! The Voice Coach Joins Nashville’, plus a selection of Getty Images photos for our slideshow. Leave us a note and let us know what you think about this newest addition to the ‘Nashville’ TV show cast.

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