An Independent Analysis of Self-Esteem – by Nancy P. Goodman


An Independent Analysis of Self-Esteem

Your Opinion of You is Important!


It is not always what others think of you that matters.
Your own self esteem should be high, not low.

An Independent Analysis of Self-Esteem
Your opinion of YOU is important!
It is not always what others think of you that matters.
Your own self esteem should be high, not low.
It is sometimes what you think of yourself which can be so important to your own attitude toward life. It can affect your disposition toward others who share your world.

Your world may be a small one, like mine, or it may be large like that of a super rock star or world-known celebrity.

But we are each made the same, we each ‘put our jeans on, one leg at a time’, so to speak. We all must eat, we all must sleep, we all have the ability to love, we all have the desire to play.

How we interact with each other is sometimes dependent upon our own feelings of self-worth.

Love your own self first. This does not mean to only be good to yourself. This does not mean be selfish and think only of yourself. It does mean:

1. Be accepting of yourself, your faults and failures. No human being is perfect, so don’t always expect an impossible perfection from yourself. We all screw up at times. Go easy on yourself. Admit you screwed up, then – let it go.

2. Don’t put yourself down. If that temptation arises, get over it fast!

3. Don’t look at yourself as only an adjunct or helpmate to someone else. You are one individual who is never going to be the same as anyone else. Rejoice in your individuality!

4. Get out from behind others. Sometimes take the lead. This may be hard to do if you are generally the ‘follower’. Step up, take the limelight. It may feel so good, you will never go behind others again!

I should end this message with this qualifier: I am not a therapist. I am not a medical doctor. I am not a psychiatrist.

However, I am a daughter. I am a granddaughter. I am a sister. I am a wife. I am a mother. I am a grandmother. I am an aunt. I am a niece. And, I am a woman.

Other than that, I am a worker. I am a co-worker. I am a friend. I am a talker. I am a listener. I am a songwriter.

I am a (sometimes) singer. I am a writer. I am a housewife. I am a partner. I am a do’er.

And I am a believer!

Oh yes. And –  I believe in Family

I do believe in love
I believe there’s a heaven high
up in the sky above
I believe in you.

I do believe in me.
I believe that what we see
should not always be believed

I believe that what I do
will matter more to me today
than what some stranger says or does
in some foreign land far away

Believe in yourself first
believe in yourself last –
Believe in yourself always
and you have passed the test!


I happened upon this article by Jane Calderon, titled:

‘Christopher Columbus– that was His Dream, to Follow the Star, No Matter How Hopeless, No Matter How Far’. (no longer available online.)

Here is a quote I liked from that article by Jane:

“Christopher Columbus should serve as inspiration for any person with an impossible dream, for he is a prime example that persistence pays off– and that sometimes, even if our dreams do not go according to plan– they just might turn out better than planned! ”


Nancy’s Note:
This is my own independent analysis of self esteem.
Believe in yourself.
Keep your head up! You will do fine!
Original song written by Nancy P. Goodman
All rights reserved worldwide.

Notice: this article may NOT be copied, nor published elsewhere without the express written consent of this author.

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