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Nancy’s note: this is just a collection of posts for some of my Nashville singer and songwriter friends about their gigs in town during CMA Fest and CMA Week –


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#NashvilleMusic Via @Lee Hines on June 1, 2015:

lee hines  lee hines2

Lee Hines

@Lee Hines said: ‘CMA week is always special to me. Like last year, I’m going to be “crazy busy” again this year. Not complaining at all, in fact, it’s a “good problem” to have. Being hired & performing once or twice per day throughout the week while having to scoot across town or even south of town with very little time between gigs is a real blessing to me. I came here to Nashville a little over 2 1/2 years ago to play professionally. Some of my colleagues & peers were at first skeptical of my passion & desire of putting more of an emphasis & focus on percussion rather than pure drumming thinking I was limiting myself & there wouldn’t be enough work or opportunity for me. Although I do play kit & have for many, many years & play kit regularly now at B.B. King’s 3 times per week and also with another artist, I know my forte isn’t being a drummer as in making an impact in the Nashville drumming community but rather being that of a percussionist. I’ve always marched to the beat of a different drummer (no pun intended), tried to create my own “niche”, have always tried to think outside the “box” and have always believed in God’s gifts & abilities He’s given me to use for His glory & for others. I’ve also had to humbly learn to believe in myself, my ability, my desires, dreams & passion. Anyone who really knows me knows I have a passion for all the little nuances, “the subtle ear candy” the cool stuff that auxiliary percussion adds. The shakers, the chimes, claves, bells, whistles, guiros, cabasas, vibra-slaps, tambourines, triangles, congas, timbales, bongos, cajons, djembes, udus, talking drums & so forth.
As a percussionist, I’m very blessed that windows of opportunities continue to come my way & doors favorably being opened. After 2 1/2 years, I recently overheard a colleague reference me to another in that “he’s like a triangle player with his calendar full of paying gigs!” I took that as a compliment because I’ve learned sometimes a song may only call for a single note, from perhaps, a triangle in the right spot, which can make all the difference in the world. I am blessed to be as busy as I am doing exactly what I love doing & was called & was created to do! To me, that’s my definition of success. I didn’t choose music…it chose me!!! My father always told me that work can become play for you if you truly enjoy what you do. My dad was right! As of yesterday – the first 5 months, I’ve performed 114 times. & have 11 paid recording sessions. I give God all the praise & glory that things are working for me. Here’s my tentative schedule leading up to and including CMA week:

Tuesday – June 2nd – Kimbro’s in Franklin, TN accompanying Bob Huston &Mike Hall 6PM.

Wednesday – June 3rd – B.B. King’s with the Jamie Higdon Trio 5-7:30.

Thursday – June 4th Bobby’s Idle Hour featured round with Bob Huston &Mike Hall 9PM.

Saturday – June 6th – B.B. King’s with the Jamie Higdon Trio 1:30-4PM.

Sunday – June 7th – B.B. King’s with the Jamie Higdon Trio 2:30-6:30PM.

Tuesday – June 9th – Travis Bowlin worldwide single release “See You Again” at the Smokehouse, Monteagle, TN – Special 30 minute live Online “StageIt” concert 8PM.

Wednesday -June 10th – Accompanying Hanna Jones at Wild Wing Cafe in Cool Springs/Franklin, TN 7PM.

Thursday – June 11th – Accompanying Mary Sarah Gross at Chevy Roadhouse from 2:30-3:00PM.

Thursday – June 11th – Accompanying Dallas Remington from 7-9:30PM at Wild Wing Cafe Cool Springs/Franklin, TN

Friday – June 12th – Travis Bowlin Band at Belcourt Taps from 1:00-1:25PM.

Friday – June 12th – Accompanying Mary Sarah Gross in Franklin, TN 4:30-6:00PM.

Saturday – June 13th – B.B. King’s with the Jamie Higdon Trio from 1:30-4:00PM.


#NashvilleMusic Via @Travis Bowlin who said:

Happy to announce I’ll be performing at Belcourt Taps during ‪#‎CMA‬ week on June 12th at 1pm; stage sponsored by – hope to run into you while you’re enjoying the festivities!

travis bowlin
Travis Bowlin


#NashvilleMusic Via A Thousand Horses which said: ’Coming to CMA Music Festival? Make sure to stop by the Big Machine Label Group booth at Fan Fair X next week and get your swag signed!

a thousand horses
A Thousand Horses


#NashvilleMusic Via @Steve Dorian who said:

CMA Fest week Schedule:

June 10 Margaritaville Nashville 4-8:30 with my brother Greg Asadoorian

June 12 CMA Fest ATT Showcase Stage at Fan Fair X 3-3:30 with Adam James Deiboldt

June 13 Margaritaville Nashville 11-2pm Upstairs stage

June 14 The Bluebird Cafe writers round 7pm

steve dorian
Steve Dorian


#NashvilleMusic Via Vanessa Bransan who said:

CAN NOT wait to see & meet y’all next week!!!!
CMA Fest Schedule is:
Thursday, June 11th from 2-4:00pm for the “Day Drinking Show” at The Listening Room Café

Saturday, June 13th at 11:00am at the CMA Chevrolet Roadhouse Stage
Vanessa Bransan

Vanessa Bransan


#NashvilleMusic Via @Moore & Moore who said:

Moore & Moore

“It’s time for ‪#‎MooreFun‬! Join us this Sunday, June 7 at the Nashville Palace to kick off the upcoming crazy week at the CMA Music Festival!‪#‎CMAFest‬ ‪#‎NashvillePalace‬ ‪#‎CrazyWeek‬ ‪#‎FanClubParty‬‪ #‎MooreandMoore‬ The Nashville Palace presented by Robert’s Western World

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