Nashville Music and other stuff

Another new blog, set up to publish ‘Nashville Music and other stuff’, just as I can, and when I get a ‘round tuit’.

When I worked at the world famous National Life and Accident Insurance Company in Nashville, Tennessee, in the late ‘70’s, early 80’s – you see, there was a gentleman by the name of ‘Bo’, Bo Mason was his name. Mr. Bo always said, when he was asked to do something, “When I get a ‘round tuit’ ”, then at times he proceeded to search in his pocket, and he would bring out a smooth wooden disk with the words ‘ROUND TUIT’ engraved upon it.

I need one of those, I think, as I do often say ‘when I get a ‘round tuit’ and I haven’t gotten a ‘round tuit’ yet, but, maybe, one day…

Life is good, living right outside Nashville, Tennessee, almost into Music City U.S.A. but not quite. Hubby and I are both retired and we enjoy going out and eating lunch at several favorite places around town (maybe I’ll do a blog on some of our favs one day). Then we’ll often go shopping around, or window-shopping at several of our favs, which includes second-hand stores, bargain stores and other discount stores in the area (there is another thought for a blog, hmmm…).

My own favorites include several of the area ‘thrift’ stores;  some of hubby’s favs is anything with tools, or computer stuff. We noticed one of our favorite stores, Harbor Freight, (great tool store!)  is opening up a brand new store near us at Rivergate, in the same shopping center as Goodwill and Ryan’s Buffet  – which I love, but hubby – not so much..

Back to the main subject: Nashville Music – I write articles about many Nashville area singers and songwriters for; I also write about some of the Nashville music venues and the singer/songwriters who appear at some of these venues on a nightly basis as they are working toward hitting the ‘big time’ and ‘honing’ their craft as they go.

More on Nashville Music next time, maybe.

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