Nancy P. Goodman’s Genealogy and History –

#FamilyHistory #Genealogy  Some know me from my days of researching both mine and my husband’s family histories. And some know that in December of 1986, in Nashville, TN. I ‘founded’ a genealogy group/club which I named ‘Middle Tennessee Genealogical Association’. I didn’t want to be ‘president’ of the new group, (the late Rev. Isham Harris of Nashville stepped up to hold that spot in our new group) but I did accept the position of ‘secretary’, and kept that position for a few years before I resigned and stepped away from the group.
For many years after that, I collected information from many people on their family searches in Tennessee. I placed many of their questions (queries) onto a website online, along with information about their families. ( )
Some also know about the time when I went to the Nashville Banner in Nashville and proposed a ‘genealogy query’ column such as had been done many years before. A new column was started, for which I provided all of the queries, but it was edited by one of the employees then working for the Banner, Mr. David Logsdon. I provided all of the queries for the column until enough interest generated mail-ins to David Logsdon.
I also wrote some columns about genealogy for the Banner about the same time.  In addition to many, many ‘Letters to the Editor’ of both The Nashville Tennessean (now the Tennessean) and the Nashville Banner – now closed.
I also taught many and varied family history and genealogy workshops in the Nashville, TN area, at churches, at Senior Citizen areas and anywhere there was an interest.

I also accumulated files from my genealogy students and became lifelong friends with many of them.
A group of my genealogy students at the Madison Senior Citizen Center still meet once a month at the local center there. I contributed several files of the family history information for their use when the group decided to stay together.
Many of the files I accumulated on family history over the years were recently contributed to the Mormon/LDS Church in Salt Lake City, through the local church in Madison, TN USA.

IF you have family history files to contribute and want them shared ‘free-of-charge’ to help others, I suggest you visit your own local Mormon/LDS Church family history library and inquire about donating your files.

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