Remembering Country Music Star Marty Robbins

Note:This article was written by this author and originally published on Yahoo/YCN which has since ‘folded’.

Marty Robbins died in 1982, Leaving Behind Grieving Family and Friends Plus a Legion of Fans .

Marty Robbins was not only a country music singer, he was a songwriter, an instrumentalist and a Nascar racer. He was the consummate entertainer, one for the ages.

Remembering Marty Robbins, one of country music’s finest singers

Marty Robbins was a country music star, but he was also a talented writer of songs, a player of many instruments, plus being a Nascar driver.

We were privileged to see Marty Robbins performing for several music tapings at the Grand Old House in Nashville Tennessee in the years before his untimely death. He seemed to have just a very real love of life, and loved to play tricks on others. You could always catch that sly grin he had if you had an idea of what he was up to.

At those tapings we would see the joy and fun of this performer. He always made the show interesting and fun, and there was always much laughter from the crowd of fans who were there to see him.

When you catch one of the old television clips of him performing or interacting with some of the other country music artists of his era, you have to look sharp or you will miss what is going on sometimes.

One of my favorite clips is of Marty and one of his many friends, the legendary singer, songwriter Merle Haggard. You can find it on YouTube (1) and in this clip, you will see Merle Haggard imitating Marty Robbins, and the reaction of Marty is priceless!

The clip goes on to showcase Marty in one of my favorite songs he ever sang “Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me”. You can see what a fun person he was to be around, when, in the middle of his performance, the camera is on Marty, but the voice, and the singing of his song, goes on without him.

Then the camera pans to Merle Haggard, just singing on as though it were still Marty.

Among the songs Marty wrote and performed, we especially liked his song “El Paso” and another big favorite was “You Gave Me a Mountain”.

We remember Marty Robbins driving his racecar at the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway. A more irreverent driver you may never see. For such a man as Marty Robbins seemed to be, life appeared to be his oyster.

We were saddened to hear of his premature death in 1982 and still say ‘They don’t make ’em like Marty Robbins anymore”.

Sources: This writer’s personal memories. This article is protected by copyright by Nancy P. Goodman. All rights reserved.


Other Reference:; –
Martin David Robinson (September 26, 1925-December 8, 1982), known professionally as Marty Robbins, was an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.







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