American Supergroup: coming to a TV near you this fall

We have heard for years –  there’s –

‘… thirteen hundred and fifty-two

Guitar pickers in Nashville’

(Nashville Cats by The Lovin’ Spoonful Songfacts)

Now comes Scott Mumford, posting for contestants for the new television show ‘American Supergroup’ (ASG) asking for musical contestants who ‘are a triple-threat – looking for bass, keyboard, and drummers that can sing and write.’. As Scott  said in his posting:

“As you can imagine we are knee-deep in guitar players…”

This was a posting made by Scott a couple of days after an audition in Nashville which was held on Tuesday, July 12. (From the  recent ASG press release: ‘…currently casting for the hot, new reality musician competition program, American Supergroup (ASG). Barry Josephson, along with co-creators Kevin Wayne Waldrop and Gary Wayne Bridges, are filming auditions in Nashville for musicians of all type(s) and genre’.) It was also after the American SuperGroup audition website received over 2.1 million hits.

When notice first caught our attention about this show, it’s different format intrigued us. The powers-that-be for the show evidently said:  Let’s put out a call for musicians and singers and we will select which ones we consider to be ‘best’, then we will mix and match them up to form ‘super group’ bands, which then- the audience and viewing public – will have a chance to vote up or down.

Not ‘American Idol’. Not ‘The Voice’. Somewhat like ‘Glee’? Maybe so. We will eagerly await the finished product of the musical reality show, especially since some of our friends in the Nashville music industry – many of which are both writers, players and singers – may be lucky enough to get on the show.

Watch your television schedules for further notice about the show and we will also plan to notify our readers through this space.

From  Josephson Entertainment Opens Music Auditions for American Supergroup –


“American Supergroup is a music competition program showcasing the creation and evolution of the best new band in the country. Music experts will guide 25 finalists that are selected to form 5 groups of 5 members each — best guitarist, best drummer, best bass player, best keyboards, and best vocalist.  Each contestant must have 3 qualities, they must each be: a monster vocalist, a master musician, and an accomplished songwriter. Musical genres can be, but are not limited to, Pop, Pop-Country, Traditional Country, Pop-Rock, R&B, Metal, Latin American, Alternative.  Audiences will interact with, and vote for, contestants (bands) via social media platforms and an exclusive ASG app.”

(Nancy’s note: This is an article which I had prepared on July 14, 2016 to be published on where I am an AXS Contributor. Sad to say, closed down the portal which was my access to get into AXS to complete this article. So here it is now on my NancyG43blog!)

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