Lauren Alaina: in Nashville July 17, 2013

This article has been somewhat modified but was dated February 28, 2014 and originally posted by this author/self on Examiner. (Photos made by author/self on July 17, 2013.)

From her recent success as runner-up on the ‘American Idol’ TV show (Season 10) to her making appearances on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, we have followed celebritycountry music singer Lauren Alaina, and love posting photos of her. She is so photogenic, but she is also a wonderful person to meet and speak with at her appearances when she performs.

Last year, we were privileged to have an invitation to a small, intimate evening type of appearance when she sang before a very small crowd at one of Nashville’s local radio stations, WSIX 98, in which was termed a ‘garage’ performance. In addition to being a great performer, she was so nice and sweet when we got to meet her and have a photo taken with her, that it made us even bigger fans of her than we already were. Lauren Alaina announced at that event that she was making the move to Nashville from her home state of Georgia.

(The photos presented here were taken by Nancy P. Goodman at an appearance by the subject on July 17, 2013 in Nashville, TN USA. When we had an opportunity to have our photo taken with Lauren, I told her that I often write about her, and she laughed and said: ‘Well, I hope it’s something good!’
I said: ‘Oh, yes, it’s always something good! And lot of photos, too!
Still a huge fan of this young lady!)


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