7 Reasons Taylor Swift Is Just Like Us Dec 20 2014

Dec 20 2014 originally posted by this author/self on Examiner.

By no means, are we convinced we are just like Taylor Swift, however much we perhaps wish we were. In the (formerly)  attached video titled ‘7 Reasons Taylor Swift Is Just Like Us’, we may hear some thoughts that she is just like us, but to think we are just like her is nothing short of unbelievable.

The (formerly) attached slideshow of photos are of Taylor Swift as she performs onstage during iHeartRadio Jingle Ball 2014, hosted by Z100 New York and presented by Goldfish Puffs at Madison Square Garden on December 12, 2014 in New York City.

Even though Taylor Swift has moved from Nashville to New York City, we will still be keeping up with her and writing about her during her travels around, including some of the concerts she attends where she is apt to perform. With her ‘Shake it Off’ video still very popular, we recommend that you watch it and have fun with it as she does.

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