Breaux Gargano at Judge Bean’s Oct 26 2011

Oct 25, 2011 originally posted on Examiner by this author/self.

Judge Bean's Jennie Curran Writer's night with Breaux Gargano

Judge Bean’s Jennie Curran Writer’s night with Breaux Gargano

Judge Bean’s Brentwood TN

Breaux Gargano is a Nashville singer, songwriter and performing artist. We recently became friends on Facebook with him and wanted to know more about him and his music career in Nashville.

This is the posting via our Facebook friend Breaux Gargano (Breaux Gargano- musician/band) about the following event:

Jennie Curran’sWriters Night

Date: Wednesday, October 26 ·
Time: 8:00pm – 10:00pm

Location Judge Bean’s

7022 Church Street E.

Brentwood, Tennessee 37027

Phone: 615 823 2280


Created By @Breaux Gargano


More Info – Breaux Gargano- “I’ve been invited by my good friend, Jennie Curran, to perform in her writer’s night this Wednesday. It’s a free show, and it’s ladies night. 2 for 1s for the girls! Come get your drink on and enjoy some great local music. I’ll be selling CDs of my album “One Way” for the first time at a live show. Come grab your copy!

Breaux says on Facebook –

‘Add my page to your likes and keep up with what’s happening and where and when to get your hands on a copy of my debut album, “One Way”. BTW- Share it with your friends too please!’

Keep up with Breaux Gargano on Facebook.

Keep up with Jennie Curran on Facebook.

You can ‘like’ Judge Bean’s on Facebook.

‘Breaux Gargano (pronounced Bro), isn’t just a unique name, he’s a unique individual with a voice and a message. His music speaks to the people of today, yesterday, and every day. The message is simple: We are all the same people, with the same feelings, desires, heartaches, and pains. Breaux grew up in a small space, in a small town, with big dreams. He found a love for music at a very young age, and when he started learning to play guitar, that love turned into a passion. That passion developed into a vision, brought to life through singing and songwriting. Today Breaux lives in Nashville. He is realizing his dream of sharing his songs with the world. Songs of love, loss, joy, inner and outer conflict, and all of the things that each of us have inside. His songs are the emotions that we all feel, offered up for everyone to share. Breaux continues to work toward reaching as many people as possible with his songs. Find them on CD, digital download, and best of all, at a live show.’


More info will be forthcoming on this young singer/songwriter. We wish him good luck on his music career in Music City, Nashville, Tennessee.

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