My Donation to LDS/Mormon Family History Library–some genealogy papers

Something I accomplished today – I was happy to donate some genealogy papers to my local LDS Family History Center today, (and was surprised to see my friend Carolyn Wyatt Laughner and her daughter there researching). The papers I donated to be sent to Salt Lake City, and hopefully scanned or microfilmed were some of the family history papers which I accumulated over the course of several years of teaching genealogy and family history classes in the Nashville and Hendersonville Tn area at several places which included churches and several Senior Citizen Centers.. (BEFORE I even became a Senior Citizen!) At one time, I was accepting family history papers from anyone who was researching family in the Middle Tennessee area, for use in my classes.

I have previously donated to the Metro Nashville Archives some of my papers from when I founded and organized the Middle Tennessee Genealogical Society in Nashville at the Tennessee State Library & Archives on December 13, 1986. (Wow! 30 years ago, almost..) (But that’s another story…maybe I’ll post on that topic soon…)

Today I had 4 crates of folders with family information from many other people on their particular family lines. I did not want to donate these to any place that might take advantage of free information and use it to sell and make money from other folks’ contributions to me for my genealogy classes.

Thanks to the Madison TN LDS Family History Library for their help and assistance in my own research over the years!

I like what the LDS/Mormon Family History libraries do with research materials – they make it available to anyone who wants to research – free of charge. ( I am not a member of the LDS church, but I am a contributor to their Family History Library and have been for many years.)

You can visit your own local LDS Family History Library free of charge at certain times/certain days (look them up online) and you can go online for ‘Free Family History & Genealogy Records’ at

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